Pure Fenben 50 grams-Limit 2
Pure Fenben 50 grams-Limit 2

Pure Fenben 50 grams-Limit 2

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This package contains 225 servings of 222 mg PURE fenbendazole. We are your USA trusted source of pure fenbendazole. Happy Healing Fenben has been third party independently lab tested to insure quality of 100%. Happy Healing is the only source of legitimate 100% fenbendazole on the market and we test our competitors products to prove it.

Fenbendazole is best absorbed when mixed with a few drops of DMSO or oil/fat. Without a solvent it will not be absorbed. We include a small scoop to measure dosage.

The price for this product is subject to change with market rates. However, your cost is guaranteed once your purchase is made.

Please limit your order to 2 per package.

Lab results available directly from a third party lab upon request.

**This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.