Answer: It depends on the product. We partner with many manufacturers from all over the world. Whenever possible we buy in the USA. Our products for animals are made at a very large and well known animal pharmaceutical company that is FDA registered. They are third party lab tested to be the correct dosage and we hold them to the lab standards of products made for humans, not just animals. They fall well below acceptance ranges for mold, heavy metals and other contaminates. Our job is to make sure you and your animals are getting safe and quality products.

Answer: We test our own products as well as our competitors. Unfortunately not all companies have integrity and offer poor quality or illegitimate products. We urge people to research and trust your sources. We made the original Fenben™, we trademarked it and we have a patent pending.

Additionally, our proceeds go towards improving our products, researching and sourcing new ones and actually giving products directly to people who cannot afford them. Each year we donate thousands of products to people in need.

We are always available via email or during business hours via phone to help you make informed decisions.

Answer: We can only sell our products for animals because they are not FDA approved for over-the-counter usage in humans. However the products disclose all of their ingredients and they are made to the standard of products for humans.

Answer: Our product Fenben Pure is 100% pure fenbendazole. However due to the nature of fenbendazole, a solvent must be added to this powder to make it absorbable. We recommend a small amount of dmso or oil to dissolve it prior to usage. Our product Fenben tablets are not pure fenbendazole. They contain either 22.2% pure fenbendazole with excipients or 30% pure fenbendazole with excipients. Excipients are things that are added to all tablet form medications in order to make them able to be formed and pressed into tablets and to make them absorbable in the body without the addition of other things. For example, Tylenol is not 100% pure acetaminophen and Advil tablets are not 100% pure ibuprofen. All of our excipients are listed on our labels which are pictured on our website.

Answer: Yes! Absolutely. Every batch of our products is carefully lab tested at Spectrix Analytical Services in New Haven, CT. Because of today’s technology, any company can make a false lab report or certificate so we urge our customers to call our lab directly to get the results. Just send us a quick email and we can facilitate this.

Answer: We get discounted rates from USPS. They are automatically calculated based on the weight of your package and your address. Just go to checkout and enter your information to get the price. A single bottle of one of our products usually costs about $3.50 to ship in the USA and about $11.00 - $15.00 to ship to Canada, Europe and Australia.

Answer: Yes. However we cannot guarantee delivery times. Packages can arrive in your country in whatever amount of time specified on your choice of service yet we have no control how long our products will take for customs clearance. Each country is different as is each circumstance. Due to the continuing issues with Covid 19, packages that were once taking 1 week are taking up to 1 month.

We also cannot know of the customs restrictions in each country. It is advisable that you check with your country's customs regulations before ordering to see if our products will be allowed. If our products are refused, it is the responsibility of your country to mail the package back to us. At the time we receive it we will refund your full amount for the products only (not the shipping costs).

Answer: As long as you gave us a valid nonrestricted email, you will receive notification once your package ships and you will get updates along the way. The email will also contain a tracking number that you can click on and track yourself. It usually takes us a day or two to get your package ready to ship but as soon as it does, all packages are trackable.

Answer: It's listed along with other policies in the dropdown menu under "Information".